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We offer a well-rounded approach to the modern day apothecary by making healing and self care accessible with a personal touch. We employ the trinity of indigenous cultural practices, energy bodywork and massage in all of our products and services.

Come experience our online store of goodies that nourish all your senses. Some of our items are created from purchases at local thrift stores, cigar shops, metaphysical shoppes, beaches, and craft stores.  We believe in nature-based products, so none of our bath products contain preservatives unless they occur in nature.  Currently, we only use food coloring for any dyes in our products, which is rare. We also create our own meditations but we are inspired by many spiritualists.

Nouri Ethereal Apothecary now has Yoni Eggs and other resources for womb and women's health. As we build in this area we will soon have items for men's health as well. If you want to know more about Yoni Eggs and if they are the right choice for you, purchase a Yoni Egg Consultation or get a Yoni Egg Divination (intuitive reading).