Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Vision: We Heal Ourselves.

Mission: Our mission is to improve the individual’s ideal of Self.  We expand upon empowering the individual by promoting the importance of connection, attunement, and self-regulation.  We believe this can be accomplished by encouraging balance and peace within the everyday life through meditation, nature-based products and therapies. There by enhancing the connectedness of Spirituality and Holistic Practices. The result is a well-nurtured, well-nourished, and energized Self.

"Reaching beyond fear to live a WELL and JOYOUS life; this is true TRANSFORMATION!"
 - Nouri Ethereal Apothecary & Energi Remedie Services 

Our People

The heart, quality of touch, and skill of our people is our most important resource.

We celebrate the diversity, unique gifts,
and passion of our people to strengthen
our connection with each other and our

We offer stimulating avenues for personal
development and career opportunities to
enrich the resources of our people.

We value working in a warm atmosphere
that embraces innovation and change.
Our Apothecary & Wellness Spa is a place 
of community where connections, open communication, learning, and growing serving to enhance our
lives daily.

Our Daily Commitments

Our job is to do our job.

We project an attitude and tone that is
pleasant and engaging to all that enter
our doors; whether we are on site at your
place of business or in our own offices.

We take honor in starting and ending
our sessions on time.

We make true connections with our
customers by listening to their needs
and integrating them into their sessions as 
well as into our products. 

We offer a clean, nurturing, and
inviting atmosphere that is pleasing to
the senses and the soul.

We respect our customers time by
completing each session with efficiency,
personalization, and professionalism.

We build community by giving our time
and skills to raise money for local causes
and charities.

Our Products

We feel passionately about our products
and our treatments as we invite our customers
to discover their benefits first hand.

We seek to develop lasting relationships
with our customers by encouraging them
to return and participate in more treatments 
and purchase more of our products.